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Australian schools target for ransomware attacks

The education sector reported its highest rate of ransomware attacks in 2022 with cybercriminals targeting 80 per cent of K-12 schools, according to a recent report released by a leading cybersecurity company. The 2023 State of Ransomware in Education report ...

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#TechOnOurTerms: A screen can’t replace a teacher

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization released its Global Education Monitoring Report on 26 July, exploring the evolving technology landscape in education and its impact on modern learners. UNESCO is a specialised agency of the United Nations with ...

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The driving force behind our future teachers

A new study surveying early-career teachers has identified that inspiration from past teachers was a key motivator in their decision to pursue a career in education. Research conducted by experts from Swinburne University, recently published in The Australian Educational Researcher, ...

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Ten ways to prevent cyberattacks in schools

Australian schools are a primary target for cyberattacks, with the education and training sector reporting the highest rate of ransomware incidents in 2021-22. The education and training sector now accounts for over six per cent of all cyberattacks in Australia. ...

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Private school funding data sparks response

Recent reports of private school overfunding in Australia released this week have sparked mixed responses from education organisations and academic experts. In response to data suggesting that 98 per cent of private schools were being overfunded by the government, Christian ...

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