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Inspired by the CommBank Matildas and Subway Socceroos? Get Football Australia programs in your school!

Riding high on the success of the CommBank Matildas and Subway Socceroos, the popularity of football continues to grow and has never been more popular in the country.

Throughout 2023, football took over schools, with Football Australia delivering programs to over 130,000 students across 1369 schools around Australia.

Football Australia has taken the lead as the accredited Sporting Schools provider for football in the country, presenting an exciting opportunity for schools to integrate the sport into their curriculum.

The program, crafted by the Football Australia technical and youth development teams, aims to harness the power of football to instil fun, engagement, physical activity and valuable learning principles that extend beyond the field and into the classroom environment.

At the heart of the program is the emphasis on learning movement skills, teamwork, coordination, and most importantly, having fun. The activities are designed to align with Football Australia's 'Play for Life' philosophy, promoting a holistic approach to personal development, health, and physical education in line with the national syllabus.

The Football Schools Program draws its foundation from Football Australia’s junior program, MiniRoos. This ensures that the curriculum is tailored to the developmental needs of young players, providing a solid base for their journey in football.

Recognising the diverse needs of schools, the programs offered are tailored to each institution's requirements. Duration, content, and inclusivity are key considerations, ensuring that every student, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to participate and benefit from the program.

Find out more about how you can get Football in your school. https://www.footballaustralia.com.au/schools or email [email protected]

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