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‘Restore and renew’: wellbeing tips for school holidays

A wellbeing expert has urged educators to take care of their mental health during the school holidays. 

According to coach and director at Teacher Wellbeing Daniela Falecki, 2022 has been a “crazy” year that has left educators and school staff completely exhausted. 

“Unfortunately, next year is going to be exactly the same, teacher shortages will continue, there is a new curriculum and more changes are coming up - these are more reasons to rest and restore and renew over the holidays,” Ms Falecki told Education Review

Ms Falecki said teachers should take the time to relax their minds and body and not do anything related to school. 

“Teachers can make up to 1500 decisions a day; they are tired," she said. 

"The first thing they need to do is to stop thinking and stop making decisions as well as having light exercise to relax their body.”

Ms Falecki joined Education Review to discuss well being strategies teachers can implement during the Christmas break. 

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