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Why wellbeing matters even more

As the world slowly comes out of a global pandemic, it's even more important to pay attention to student and teacher wellbeing. Having the ability to collect, monitor and address behaviour and performance levels, helps ensure a well-defined return to reaching their potential.

Uncertainty and anxiety create negative circumstances for everyone. For teachers and students alike, the enforced position of remote learning during lockdown was disruptive and damaging as routine was replaced by mandatory change. The delivery of education has been evolving for many years now, with advances in technology. The transition to online learning during COVID-19 was helped enormously by education technology platforms stepping up quickly to provide solutions for the immediate needs.

Sentral are one of the leading school management systems that not only provide automated school and student data management solutions, but also offer an easily-managed wellbeing portal to quickly capture and track student behaviour and performance. In the education sector, we all know that a student’s classroom performance is improved when their wellbeing becomes the focus.

After such a tumultuous 2020, the ability to track and monitor wellbeing really has to move up the priority list.

From behaviour management to health indicators to student award allocations, the Sentral Wellbeing module offers a single location to record all-such data with the ability to follow progression and identify trends before they become more serious issues. When tasks such as sending out alerts and notifications are automated, they save the precious time of teachers, leading to more presence in the classroom.

According to last year's Future of Education Report from McCrindles, 60% of surveyed parents had an increased expectation of their schools to provide support to children's wellbeing (up from 48% in 2019).

It reinforces the notion that Australian schools must recognise the challenges not only of curriculum, but wellbeing as well. Of course, student data is very sensitive information and so privacy and security come as standard, with all Government compliance requirements being met. Sentral already holds ISO 27001 accreditation for information security.  Additionally, Sentral has engaged with Education Services Australia who has agreed that the Sentral cloud service is a secure option for Australian schools.

Weston Public School were able to benefit from the Sentral Wellbeing module after upgrading to the cloud in 2020. It quickly began to yield improvements by providing real time insights to staff on student behaviour and performance. Kristy Sutton, Assistant Principal for Learning and Wellbeing at the school commented, “I was able to empower teachers with the knowledge that it is really easy to use”.

Helen Murphy, Assistant Principal at Vermont Primary School sums up her own experience with Sentral's Wellbeing module: "It's just changed the way we communicate...we don't have anyone slip through the gaps anymore”.

Now's the time to be in control of your school's wellbeing program and be prepared for all future eventualities. With over 3,000 schools already enjoying the benefits of Sentral, don't miss out on what it could contribute to your school. If you’re interested in finding out how Sentral can help your school work smart, visit our website sentral.com.au or contact us for a tailor-made consultation by clicking here.

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Sentral is Australia's leading cloud-based school management platform trusted by more than 3,000 schools.



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