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The Comprehension strategies box

We have been absolutely blown away with the response to our new release, The Comprehension strategies box. While we could just tell you all about how great it is, why not find out from teachers themselves? Read on to see what The Comprehension strategies box is, why people are loving it, and watch some Australian teachers from Instagram™ chat about their thoughts!  


What is The Comprehension strategies box

The Comprehension strategies box is a six-box series designed to teach comprehension to students of all levels of reading ability, through the following nine strategies: 

  1. Predicting 
  2. Visualising 
  3. Making connections 
  4. Questioning 
  5. Clarifying 
  6. Summarising 
  7. Determining importance 
  8. Inferring 
  9. Synthesising 

This resource has a strong focus on differentiation, with different levels of reading comprehension texts for each strategy. It is graded according to Lexile levels, so you can perfectly match each student to a text appropriate to their reading level. The text cards are double sided, with two texts for each of the three reading levels—level 1 being the easiest and level 3 the hardest. 



What’s in the box? 

  • 162 cards: 9 strategies x 3 double-sided text cards x 6 duplicate copies = a total of 54 original texts over 27 cards! 
  • Teacher guide 
  • Activity book 


How do I use it? 


What's everyone been saying about The Comprehension strategies box?


Cass, Year 1 teacher, QLD @teachingwithcass

‘Within every strategy there are 6 different texts that you can go through, which will help you with your kids who need a little bit of extra help, and the extension students that you have in your class. It's perfect for all of them!

This box is incredibly easy to organise reading groups, because you can give them a card, and know that they're going to getting an activity that suits that lesson and reading strategy perfectly.

Having these [assessment] texts in here is really helpful to give me guidance of where the students need help in certain strategies and comprehension.’

Watch Cass' review by clicking on the image below!


Bec, Year 3 teacher, SA @littlemissbright

‘If you're a first year out teacher, or you're pretty new to the teaching game, resources like this that really build upon those foundations of good reading, are essential in your teaching practice.

These are not only paper gold in covering curriculum content, but they’re well organised, engaging and so easy to implement in the classroom. They come with a teacher guide and student activity book, so your work is done for you!’


Alexia, Year 4 teacher, WA @teachingwithalexia

‘I truly cannot recommend this resource enough!!! Especially if you’re an early career teacher and need a curriculum aligned resource that is easy to implement and differentiate! You cannot go wrong.’


Ash, Year 5/6 teacher, QLD @mrcurmisclassroom

‘I really like the different genres that are available for the kids, just for more exposure. We've got; internet news, journals, narratives, poems, humour, fairytales, flyers - a really, really good variety of texts available.

This is great because it follows the gradual release model; I do, we do, you do. 

It's all clearly laid out, super easy to follow, and really kid friendly.’

Watch Ash's review by clicking on the image below!



Amelia, Year 6 teacher, QLD @missresourcefulness

‘I love that this [teacher guide] is heavily scaffolded for you so it's really helpful if you're a newer teacher, or if you're not really familiar with these comprehension strategies.'

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