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Leadership in education series – episode 1: Innovation and the future

Despite record investment in education, Australian students’ literacy and numeracy levels have been steadily declining. This podcast series speaks with some of Australia’s K-12 education leaders and asks the key question: What, if anything, are we doing wrong?

In episode one we speak to Professor Lindsey Connor from Flinders University in Adelaide. Professor Connor has an interest in innovation in education, the future of education and the skills that will be relevant into the future. She also has expertise in standardised testing, including in international contexts.

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  1. Great little podcast. Gives a snapshot of some
    Of the challenges facing teachers. The reality is that teachers are wanting to help students and tools
    That are easy to access, intuitive and free is what they need.
    Additionally, convincing students of the merits that something that doesn’t get mark is an ongoing battle when everything is geared parents requests to rank their child against others rather than their individual growth.
    Until the Yr 12 system of ATAR or similar is abolished then hands at the educational leadership wheel in schools are somewhat tied.

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