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How two different NAPLAN approaches affected students

Would it matter whether your school intensely coached students for NAPLAN, as opposed to taking a ‘business as usual’ approach? Researchers from Flinders University analysed these two ‘NAPLAN cultures’. Indeed, they found ‘stark’ differences between them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, dissatisfaction and fear ...

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NAPLAN week draws multifaceted critique

Months before controversial NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes called for NAPLAN to be scrapped last week, change.org user Sparkt started an online petition in this vein. In the interim, a retired MIT professor slammed the tests, calling them “bizarre“. Some Australian experts joined him; ...

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Parents defy expert backlash with pro-NAPLAN statement

While certain experts think NAPLAN bizarre, parents and teachers, plausibly with more skin in the testing game, vociferously support it. Officeholders from the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO), the Australian Parents Council (APC), and the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of ...

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