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UQ scientists help inspire school science teachers

A University of Queensland workshop has helped regional teachers from 15 regional Queensland high schools become better at teaching science by linking them with university researchers. These teachers took part in a week-long research program in which they worked with ...

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Nature Research simplifies science on new website

Nature Research, the publishing group behind the prestigious scientific journal Nature, has launched a website to make complex science accessible to the general public.  The npj Science of Learning Community website was launched in collaboration with the University of Queensland. It aims to make ...

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Don Bradman may now help students learn maths

How did Donald Bradman achieve a cricket batting average of 99.94? That’s a question school students may be answering with Bradman by the Numbers, a new addition to Cricket Australia’s free teaching resource, Cricket Smart. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum ...

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From aspiring hairdresser to student engineer

After high school, Nisha Pradhan wanted to be a hairdresser. Her male high school careers adviser thought that “was a great idea”. But when Pradhan, now a University of New South Wales fourth-year electrical engineering and commerce student, told her ...

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‘War’ looms between STEM subjects: expert

An expert has warned of a discipline war among the STEM subjects, with engineering coming out on the bottom. STEM is the oft-used acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the focus of politicians and educators who are trying to lift ...

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NASA Space School shows off STEM careers

For science educators Jeremy von Einem, of Sydney’s Barker College, and Rob Marr, of John Paul College near Brisbane, the rare opportunity to escort their students on a trip to NASA facilities in the US was too good to pass up. ...

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