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Expert skewers ‘suspect’ school costs report

A Monash University expert has refuted research that suggests school costs have dramatically risen. Dr David Zyngier, a senior education lecturer, says the numbers in the Planning for Education Index 2018 by education scholarship plan provider Australian Scholarship Group (ASG), "may or may not ...

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Single-sex schools may pay off better than priciest education

An analysis of Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority data shows that the priciest private schools don't necessarily produce students with better academic results than ones that cost less, and that putting kids in single-sex schools makes more of a difference. The Good Education Group (GEG), a private ...

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Putting a price on private

Critics of independent schools say fees have risen too much over the past decade but supporters argue that they match CPI increases and are essential for basic operations. The past decade has been nothing short of turbulent in economic terms. ...

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