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The internet of school things

How technology will connect educators and students, and usher in a new age of smart schools. Schools are becoming increasingly technology rich. Many provide connected devices for students or have programs that enable students to bring their own devices (BYOD). ...

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How to keep kids cyber-safe at school

The constant changes in technology can be overwhelming for schools. While the increasing adoption of online learning is transforming education, it’s also opening the door for sophisticated security threats, as well as a rise in cyber bullying, radicalisation and child ...

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Online NAPLAN trial irks stakeholders

Professor Catherine Beavis is all for digital learning, but not testing. Well, not quite yet. With trials of online NAPLAN tests commencing in around 500 NSW schools this week, equity, Beavis said, is the issue. Some students are disadvantaged by ...

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Ten-year-olds code on government’s tab

Sid Jain, a serious looking ten-year-old, was so entranced by coding his eyes didn’t leave the screen when I asked him his name. Though he assured me he was “having fun” as he completed the below task. Jain’s year 5 ...

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Teachers keeping up with technology

Hey, I sent u a msg, did u c the YouTube clip on Facebook? Nah, I was tweeting 🙂 Students need to confidently participate in and understand digital literacies in their social, public and private lives, but what does this ...

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The digital divide

Digital literacy levels have gone up for year 6 students but they haven’t improved for year 10 students. And a student’s digital literacy is affected by their background, geographical location and to a lesser extent their gender. These results are ...

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