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Celebrate Student Success with BookPeople Gift Cards!

Who are we?

BookPeople is the not-for-profit industry Association of Australian Booksellers, and we have been working to support bookshops, books and reading since 1921. We recently updated our long-running national gift card program with a striking new design. The new BookPeople Gift Cards are available as physical cards, printed locally using recycled paper, and for the first time we now offer digital cards.

Why our Gift Cards?

BookPeople Gift Cards can be used both instore and online at hundreds of bookshops around Australia, supporting local communities and the bookshops that champion Australian writing. We know that reading is an incredibly positive activity, leading to improved life outcomes, reducing stress and developing empathy. A BookPeople Gift Card gives the recipient the gift of choice, and we know that almost 90 per cent of young people say their favourite books are the ones they have chosen themselves, making our gift cards a favourite choice for school prizes.

Imagination and creativity are vital to the development of skills needed in the modern economy, and Australians believe reading is the best way to stimulate our imagination. When you give a BookPeople Gift Card you are not just giving a book, you are giving the gift of discovery. Our gift cards are the perfect way to engage young people with the wonderful world of reading, to support the writers and booksellers that bring books into the world, and to keep money in local communities (and in Australia!).

As a not-for-profit industry body, BookPeople’s only mission is to support bookshops, books and reading. Any money we make is invested directly back into the book industry, and our gift cards help support services for bookshops, Reading Guides, and broad-based support for booksellers.

How do I order BookPeople Gift Cards?

Ordering our Gift Cards is a very simple process.

Schools can register and order from our Corporate Gift Card website here: https://bookpeoplecorporategiftcards.org.au/

For general gifting to friends, colleagues and loved ones, you can order Gift Cards here: https://bookpeoplegiftcards.org.au/

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