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EduTECH 2019: Writing tool a hit in schools

Data shows there has been a worldwide decline in writing achievement.

In trying to understand and counter this, Littlescribe founder and CEO Jenny Atkinson found that children needed a more authentic purpose for their writing and a sense of ownership.

Enter Littlescribe, an award-winning writing resource that allows students to author and publish their own work and share it with whomever they want via print or digital copies.

Littlescribe has been a hit with teachers as well, with many saying it “brought them back to why they became teachers”. A key part of Littlescribe is the Co-Author program, which encourages students to develop collaborative writing relationships with a host of well-known authors, including Andrew Daddo.

Co-authors like Daddo model how to begin narratives, focusing first on big ideas that can be visualised before commencing the written text. They also provide students with an authentic reader for their work and a person with whom they can share and develop ideas.

Education Review spoke with Jennifer Atkinson and Andrew Daddo about the impact Littlescribe is having on Australian students’ writing and engagement.


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