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EduTECH 2019: Interactive panels with a difference

Interactive panels – or interactive whiteboards as they are often called – have come a long way since they first entered classrooms way back in the 1990s.

These “touchpads turned on their side and stuck on the wall” have revolutionised classroom practice, enabling far more engagement, creativity and collaboration.

BenQ’s latest interactive panel not only sports the usual ‘bells and whistles’, but also includes an air quality censor to monitor the classroom environment. As interactive panels are often touched by both students and teachers, BenQ’s panel provides a germ-resistant screen that sterilises the screen periodically.

The panels also come with flicker-free technology and low-blue light technology to look after your eyes. Another useful feature is the interactive cloud technology, allowing students who cannot be in class to see, hear and even participate in any classroom exercise.

BenQ’s Matt Walker spoke to us at EduTECH 2019 about the interactive panels as well as the company’s latest technology – Camps Broadcast. Broadcast allows educators and administrators to send important messages and safety alerts to students. It also allows teachers to send lesson content to their students and supports a host of file formats, including Microsoft Office and YouTube.

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