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Are you ready to make a difference?

Would you like to effect change at a more senior level and prepare for potential roles in leadership, research, advocacy and policy in the education sector? Empower yourself to make a difference by building your knowledge and honing your skills to become the best education professional you can be. You’ll experience the ultimate in job satisfaction when you’re in a position to make positive change in a leadership position.

As many senior professional roles require higher degree qualifications, a master’s degree can lay the foundation for your career advancement. If you’re currently working, studying for your master’s gives you the ability to apply what you learn at university directly to your own professional setting. You’ll be able to ensure your skills are current, identify strengths and opportunities for development, and work towards improving your practice, networking, and growing professionally.

A master’s degree in education gives you a career-enhancing qualification that may lead to employment opportunities in Australia or overseas. You could pursue leadership positions or explore roles in other areas of education such as a specialised teaching professional, policymaker, education administrator or educational researcher.

Geraldine Rurenga chose a career in education because she wanted to make a difference. Ms Rurenga, who studied the Master of Education (Educational Research) with Charles Sturt University (CSU), believes that having a master’s degree behind her gave her the leverage she needed to make that difference.

“If you want to study education, do it with the idea that you can do more than just teach. There are roles outside the classroom. I think there is enormous potential for advocacy within the educational sector and power to create momentum for change,” explained Ms Rurenga.

CSU’s Master of Education (generic and with specialisations) has been developed specifically for education professionals who are ready to expand their knowledge, skills and leadership capabilities. The course has a strong emphasis on research embedded in professional practice and is an online degree, giving you the freedom and flexibility to study when and where it suits you. CSU is one of Australia’s most experienced providers of online education and uses the latest technology to connect you with lecturers and fellow students. You’ll also have access to CSU’s comprehensive communication systems, online forums, wikis, blogs, podcasts and library resources.

CSU’s School of Education has a strong international reputation and research profile. You’ll learn from leading educators who have made substantial contributions to research and curriculum development over many years. You’ll also benefit from strong networking opportunities and the chance to collaborate with like-minded peers.

This course offers a general qualification, which allows you to select from a diverse range of subjects to meet your needs and interests or you can choose one of the following specialisations: Adult and Vocational Education, Contemporary Literacies, Curriculum and Professional Practice, Digital Technology, Early Childhood Leadership, Educational Leadership and Educational Research.

The Graduate Certificate in Education (generic and with specialisations) provides an exit point if you’d prefer to graduate with this qualification. You can also study the graduate certificate as a standalone course or as an entry point to progress into the Master of Education (generic and with specialisations). If you subsequently enrol in the master’s, you’ll get credit for the subjects you completed in your graduate certificate.

Miriam Dayhew, who also completed the Master of Education at CSU, believes that reaching a certain age or a certain point in your career doesn’t mean you need to settle. “I’m graduating with a Master of Education and I did it because I work in the tertiary education sector. I thought I needed that specialist knowledge, but it was also something to just prove that, at nearly 60, education doesn’t stop.”

Are you ready to plan the next step in your career? Make your next move count with CSU.


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