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Achieve Outstanding Results for Your Students

How have thousands of educators around the world transformed teaching and learning in their schools? The answer: Professional Learning Communities at Work™.

Why Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)?

The PLC at Work™ process unifies and focuses all staff efforts to reach the most important goal for our kids: college and career success. Practical and research-based, the PLC at Work™ process is increasingly recognised as the most powerful strategy for sustained, substantive school improvement.

PLCs are driven by three big ideas:

1. A Focus on Learning

The fundamental purpose of the school is to ensure that all students learn at high levels.

2. A Collaborative Culture and Collective Responsibility

In order to ensure all students learn at high levels, educators must work collaboratively    and take collective responsibility for the success of each student.

3. A Results Orientation

Educators in a PLC focus on evidence of student learning.

Rebecca DuFour, an award-winning educator and champion of PLC at Work™ explained, “We have to be willing to make significant changes to our traditional practice. Educators have worked in isolation, and we have placed a heavy burden on the backs of individuals within a school to be responsible for the students assigned to them. We disregard this [approach] in the PLC process – we embrace the collaborative culture and, together, we’re going to take collective responsibility for student learning.”

A Career-Changing Experience

More than 2,000 educators attended last year’s Summit on Professional Learning Communities at Work™, which took place in Phoenix, Arizona. Now for the first time ever, The International Summit on Professional Learning Communities at Work™ is coming to Brisbane on 6–7 September.

“It’s powerful and life-changing for a professional,” raved Linda Chadrick, a principal at Arrowwood Elementary in Colorado. “I walked away a new leader.”

For those just beginning to explore PLCs, the Summit is an excellent way to build your knowledge base. For those who are already involved in deep implementation, the event is an ideal opportunity to revisit your mission, introduce new team members to the process, and get answers to new questions.

During the event, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from the champions of PLC at Work™: Rebecca DuFour, Mike Mattos, and Anthony Muhammad. Joining them as presenters are international thought leaders Timothy D. Kanold, Gavin Grift, Colin Sloper, and Julie Canham.

“The speakers were inspirational, and the messages were powerful,” said Dr. Amy Fuller, superintendent of Florence Unified School District #1 in Arizona. “They gave us tools we can start using to make big differences in academic achievement.”

Put Knowledge into Action

If you desire a life-changing outcome for your students, move beyond planning and start doing. Visit solution-tree.com.au/IntSummit18 or call +61 3 8558 2456 to reserve your seats to The International Summit on Professional Learning Communities at Work™.

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