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Why it doesn’t smell like teen spirit

Legendary 90s band Nirvana were known for their members’ excesses. Indeed, lead singer Kurt Cobain took his own life aged 27, after myriad drug and alcohol struggles. Growing out of the punk and grunge movement was an anti-substance abuse subculture: straight ...

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New medical guidelines for transgender kids

They may constitute only approximately 1.2 per cent of the population, but until recently, transgender individuals have been excluded from society. In a 2015 speech, former Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson said that of LGBTQI people, “the lingering and most extensive discrimination ...

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Mental health in schools: the new #MeToo?

“Like #MeToo, we need a hashtag,” Lynne Symons declared. The former principal of the largest school in South Australia – now an educational leadership consultant – was referring to the need for greater awareness of the mental health crisis among Australian principals, ...

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Teaching wellbeing

Professional learning can help school leaders, teachers, school staff and students strengthen their wellbeing As educators, we are aware of the importance of the social and emotional learning (SEL) we facilitate for the children and young people within our schools ...

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