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Why PISA is moving towards creativity

Along with a relatively small number of countries such as New Zealand, Singapore and Finland and Scotland, Australia is unusual in that, as well as a focus on knowledge and skills, its national curriculum explicitly requires schools to teach certain ...

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Online NAPLAN trial irks stakeholders

Professor Catherine Beavis is all for digital learning, but not testing. Well, not quite yet. With trials of online NAPLAN tests commencing in around 500 NSW schools this week, equity, Beavis said, is the issue. Some students are disadvantaged by ...

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Aussie author slams Singapore’s education system

Each time international PISA and TIMSS results are released, the word Singapore is breathlessly mentioned. Although the city state continuously tops these tests, cracks are beginning to show in its educational veneer. Several academics have pointed out flaws in the tests themselves, including ...

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Measuring hope and strength

Principal says poll data helps Arden track the ultimate outcomes of education. By Graham Anderson As a principal and teacher working in five schools over 31 years, I have followed education policy in Australia closely for decades. During this time, ...

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