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Should cursive still be taught in schools?

Cursive handwriting

Remember getting your pen licence? That enshrined document among Australia’s school-going youth, marking the rite of passage from cheap scribbler to noble, professional scribe. Those endless hours spent painstakingly connecting one letter to another, sewing the alphabet into seamless elegance, ...

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Students get creative with coding

Some of Australia’s youngest coders converged on the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) headquarters to compete for the title of top coder this week. The 24 primary school students battling for supremacy on the day hailed from 41 ...

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An environment of primary importance

Primary school environments have been shown to affect children’s physical activity at school. By Aileen Macalintal The University of Western Australia’s ACTIVE Schools Project investigated 27 government-funded primary schools in Perth. Dr Karen Martin, author of the study, said “the ...

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Less is better for K-6 homework

New research shows homework has little benefit to primary school children and that too much could be a bad thing. The release of a book urging teachers to revaluate how much homework is given to children follows a move in ...

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Gonski changes can help all students

Many disadvantaged young people are missing out on a good education but by investing in them we raise the standard overall. The announcement by the Prime Minister recently of the government's response to the Gonski review is of immense importance ...

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