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How a 250-year-old company is modifying Google

An encyclopaedia is remaining relevant by augmenting its competitors. Encyclopedia Britannica, which was established in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1768, has created a Google Chrome browser extension that cuts through search engine 'noise'. Britannica Insights works by delivering encyclopaedic information alongside, say, Google ...

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How to keep kids cyber-safe at school

The constant changes in technology can be overwhelming for schools. While the increasing adoption of online learning is transforming education, it’s also opening the door for sophisticated security threats, as well as a rise in cyber bullying, radicalisation and child ...

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Catholic heads almost in the cloud

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) is no longer daydreaming. The body once imagined implementing a cloud-based learning platform across its 163 schools, and now they're actually doing it. Seventy-eight thousand students - from Broome to Beagle Bay - will be signed up to ...

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