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No water bottles allowed in this classroom

A prestigious school in Victoria is facing backlash from parents and students after banning water bottles in the classroom. Ballarat Clarendon College announced it was starting a “water trial” for students in Years 5 to 9, which will see students leave their drink ...

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New research shows Andrew Tate’s effect on school boys

Content warning: This article refers to sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex trafficking and human trafficking. Support resources can be found here. A new piece of research has found Romanian-based self-proclaimed misogynist 'manfluencer' Andrew Tate promoted a culture of domination and ...

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The internet of school things

How technology will connect educators and students, and usher in a new age of smart schools. Schools are becoming increasingly technology rich. Many provide connected devices for students or have programs that enable students to bring their own devices (BYOD). ...

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Minecraft goes to school

The world of Minecraft is not flat, nor round. It’s square. Even the cupcakes at the computer game’s promotional stand at EduTECH were square. But, despite their unusual shape, the baked goods weren’t the focus. Rather, teachers’ eyes were glued ...

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