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Funding not the only barrier

First you take a student. Figure out their economic and social status, what mum and dad do for a living and where they were born. Stir in what you know about their school, the resources it has and which state ...

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Size matters

The fight over the school funding pie usually turns on the size of the slices -and whether one sector is gobbling up more than its fair share. But perhaps a more useful question, as the Gonski review into school funding ...

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The dilemma of demand

Broome is one of the fastest growing towns in Western Australia, a glorious spot on the Kimberley coast near mining centres - and home to a long-running campaign for a new private school. The Anglican Schools Commission in WA first ...

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He said, she said

Anyone who thinks the debate over school funding is about school funding just hasn't been paying attention. The submissions now lodged with the Federal Review of Funding for Schools bristle with ideology, in a battle where proponents quote John Ralston ...

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Slicing the pie

The last time there was a comprehensive examination into how the Commonwealth invested in schools, the flat-rate annual payment for a non-government primary pupil was $35 and for secondary students, the lofty sum of $50. That was the early 1970s, ...

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