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Technology in education: a forecast for 2018

Digital transformation and the rise of millennials are dominating headlines in the Asia Pacific region (APAC). Rapid advancements in technology are drastically improving the way we do things. As millennials come of age, modern students will be adept with technology, ...

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The internet of school things

How technology will connect educators and students, and usher in a new age of smart schools. Schools are becoming increasingly technology rich. Many provide connected devices for students or have programs that enable students to bring their own devices (BYOD). ...

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Data literacy: embracing the digital age

Like reading and writing, data literacy must be developed early in a child’s education. In today’s digital economy, making sense of data is paramount to organisations far and wide. As such, data and analytics skills are in demand across all ...

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Catholic heads almost in the cloud

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) is no longer daydreaming. The body once imagined implementing a cloud-based learning platform across its 163 schools, and now they're actually doing it. Seventy-eight thousand students - from Broome to Beagle Bay - will be signed up to ...

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It’s crunch time for teachers and data: expert

Referencing neither sit-ups, nor cornflakes, Kristin Fontichiaro advised a group of Victorian librarians to teach students to get crunchy. She was, of course, alluding to data. In Melbourne for a School Library Association of Victoria conference, Fontichiaro, a clinical assistant professor at the University of ...

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More than robo-markers: AI in the classroom

To some, artificial intelligence (AI) sounds like a futuristic possibility. But it’s already here, and it’s prolific. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are just two examples of advanced AI embedding itself into our lives. Education, too, is not immune to AI’s creep. When it ...

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