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Teen career uncertainty mostly negative

Much has been made of the inadequacy of careers advice in schools. Regardless, some young people simply know what they want to do for a living earlier than others. Erin, from Bondi in Sydney’s east, knew she wanted to be a ...

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Report reveals most in-demand jobs in Australia

Contrary to popular thought, it's construction, not coding, that's most in-demand by employers. The 2017 Soft Skills in Demand Report, released yesterday, revealed this surprising fact.  Issued by JobGetter, the report analysed 168,000 job ads across 54 industries before reaching ...

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Teenage girls and boys want gendered jobs

A new Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) report has shown when it comes to career goals, boys will be boys, and girls, girls. Using nationally representative data from the LSAC study, they looked at the career aspirations of 14 ...

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Career advisors failing school kids

Careers advisors are often portrayed on screen as troubled and unprofessional. Think Valerie Marks from the MTV series Awkward, who tends to overshare with students, or David Gold, the alcoholic protagonist from the 2014 Canadian dark comedy flick Guidance. The ...

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