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This session will provide an introduction to your legal responsibilities to protect the privacy of both your students and staff. Whether your school is public or private, leading privacy consultant and trainer Anna Johnston, of Salinger Privacy, will guide you through privacy principles, and offer examples of how they apply to you in practice, within the school setting.  

anna-johnston_headshot Anna Johnston Director | Salinger Privacy

With her background as a lawyer, additional qualifications in public policy and management, and more than 20 years’ experience in legal, policy and research roles, Anna brings a breadth of perspectives and a wealth of experience to dealing with privacy and data governance issues.
As the former Deputy Privacy Commissioner for NSW, Anna also knows the regulator’s perspective. Since establishing Salinger Privacy, she has also been commissioned to write privacy guidance publications and deliver training, on behalf of other regulators, including the Australia and Victoria privacy commissioners.

What do young people have to say about why they share explicit images with each other, what they think the risks are and what they want to know more about when it comes to intimate relationships? In this talk, Professor Catharine Lumby will report on extensive research she did in Australian high schools with 13- to 17-year-olds and discuss what they told her about growing up in the online and social media era. She will also draw on her expertise in sex and ethics education to outline a best-practice approach to keeping young people safe and well-informed.  
catharine_lumby_headshot Catharine Lumby Professor of Media | Macquarie University

Catharine Lumby is the founding Chair of the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney and the former Director of the Journalism and Media Research Centre at UNSW. She is the author of six books and for the past decade has worked as an adviser on sex and ethics education with the National Rugby League. She is frequently invited to talk to parents, teachers and students about sex, social media and ethics in Australian high schools.

What do the cyberbullying complaints received by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner tell us about the behaviours teachers need to be alert to? The office has received complaints for more than 12 months, and in this short time, we have observed some emerging behavioural trends. The knowledge we have gleaned will help you and your students. We will provide practical guidance and resources you can use in your schools, including new resources that harness the power and influence of peer stories.  Quick guide eSafety
andree_wright_headshot Andree Wright Acting Commissioner | Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner

Andree worked with the inaugural Commissioner to establish the office in 2015 and implement the Enhancing Online Safety for Children Act. She has had primary carriage of issues relating to online safety at the Australian Communications and Media Authority for more than 16 years. In that capacity, Andree has provided expert advice to numerous Australian and international forums. Under her leadership, Cybersmart developed its international reputation. Its online safety resources have received 14 major national and international awards since 2012.

kellie-britnell-headshot Kellie Britnell Senior Education Advisor | Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner

With over 25 years in education, Kellie is responsible for developing, implementing and managing national eSafety related training programs and resources for many audiences, including sporting and community groups, indigenous, corporates, tertiary students and law enforcement. Kellie provides strategic advice on new and emerging technology trends related to the government’s eSafety responsibilities and is a highly experienced and expert presenter in the field of wellbeing, cybersafety, privacy awareness and digital citizenship.

Record keeping in schools is a veritable minefield. With conflicting legal and duty-of-care obligations, combined with multiple data-management systems, it is little wonder that many schools struggle to implement effective policies and practices for the management and retention of information. This session will look at how schools can implement effective record-keeping measures to meet these challenges.

david-griffith-headshot David Griffiths Managing Director | CompliSpace

David is a governance professional with more than 20 years’ experience in law and management. His principal areas of expertise are in corporate governance, compliance and workplace relations. David holds an MBA from the University of Oxford and a Masters in Law from the University of Sydney.

Nick examines the issues related to security and privacy in a controlled physical classroom versus those in a virtual classroom, offers strategies around learning in an uncontrolled environment and considers the future of the Australian virtual learning environment.
nick-stanley Nick Stanley Managing Director | Tribal Group

For the last 15 years, Nick’s focus has been on projects in the education space. Nick also gained prior technical experience as a civil engineer, coder and consulting engineer with major corporations. With a strong background in successful software commercialisation and entrepreneurship, Nick’s track record is rooted in cloud-based enterprise technology, with a specific focus on education and healthcare.

The ThinkUKnow team will cover issues relating to children and young people’s privacy and security online, their relationships with other users and their online reputations. It will provide insight into the devices young people are using, as well as the popular websites, apps and social networking sites they’re accessing. ThinkUknow Parents Booklet

Click here to download the ThinkUKnow Parents Booklet

daniela-fernandez Daniela Fernandez Senior Manager | Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Working in the Group Cyber Analytics & Reporting division, Daniela is a highly accomplished data science leader with a solutions-focused approach to problem solving, excellent customer satisfaction, and strong commitment to process improvement. Daniela has completed her Masters of IT in System Security. In addition, she has completed certifications in fraud detection (CFE), Cisco networks (CCNA), information security (CISM), web intelligence, and data science.

peter-stein Peter Stein General Manager, Licensing | Datacom Systems Australia

Peter has been part of the Australian ICT industry for more than 20 years. With a background in psychology and experience in marketing and product management, Peter is able to add to the conversation on technology and the cloud. In leading the licensing team at Datacom for more than three years, his focus has been around the cloud transition journey, with particular engagement relating to Microsoft, VMware and AWS.

Schools are expected to be a safe and nurturing setting. Yet the school environment is facing ongoing and dynamic security challenges. There are increasing concerns in school communities regarding extreme scenarios of armed offenders and even terrorism. However, there are also 33 identified categories of everyday crime that can have an impact on a school and its community. Schools need to rethink the ways in which the traditional security risks and ‘new’ risks are managed. It’s not just about locks and cameras.

leon-harris-headshot Leon Harris Principal Consultant | Harris Crime Prevention Services

Leon is an independent security risk and WHS consultant, dealing specifically with campus environments, including independent schools, universities, health and research facilities, and aged care. His commitment to campus environments has assisted many operators in achieving higher and sustainable levels of security risk management and associated safety and emergency risk management.