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Teaching wellbeing

Professional learning can help school leaders, teachers, school staff and students strengthen their wellbeing As educators, we are aware of the importance of the social and emotional learning (SEL) we facilitate for the children and young people within our schools ...

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Do antidepressants work for children and teens?

In short, the answer to the above question is ‘yes’, but they’re no better than psychotherapy. This finding – published in JAMA Psychiatry – isn’t new in relation to specific drugs and disorders. Yet it’s the first one concerning the effect ...

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Kids as young as four are fair: study

‘It’s not fair’ is a refrain whined by children the world over. Though a study has found seven-year-olds may comprehend this concept more so than four-year-olds. Two groups of children, one aged four to five, the other aged seven to ...

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