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Student wellbeing: The importance of play

It's well established that play is important for children's physical and mental development, but research also shows it is necessary so that you can have quiet and attentive students in the classroom. Play is defined as voluntary, uninstructed, and joyful ...

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Playground and cyber bullying increases

The eSafety commissioner has released data that found a 40 per cent jump in child bullying last year, with cyberbullying reports increasing from 1700 in 2022 to 2383 in 2023, an increase of 71 per cent. Just over two-thirds (67%) ...

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Understanding and coping with burnout

An expert has urged Australia's educators to take the time to care for their mental health after a survey revealed widespread exhaustion and burn out across NSW schools. A recent NSW state survey, released last week, revealed that more than ...

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