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Transforming Education with Technology – a John Paul College Case Study

Technology has become an integral part of education. Schools are increasingly incorporating technology into their curriculum as they realise its value in empowering learning and teaching.

A prime example is John Paul College, which delivers its entire curriculum through digital means. The College has also established an esports program for students interested in competitive gaming.

Over the past two decades, Acer has worked closely with John Paul College to provide the school with technology solutions and support for its modern curriculum.

Acer's long-standing partnership with John Paul College is a testament to its commitment to providing teachers and students with evolving technology to foster a timeless education in the classroom and beyond.

Long-Standing Partnership with Acer

2022 marks twenty years of partnership between Acer and John Paul College, in addition to the College's 40th anniversary.

"John Paul College first entered the relationship with Acer in 2002," remarks Hendrik Boshoff, Chief Information Officer at John Paul College. 

"Since then, the relationship has grown, and it has become quite a beneficial relationship for the College."

Throughout this long partnership, Acer has consistently provided support and solutions for the College's technology needs.

"Acer has always been consistent in the level of their service," conveys Hendrik. "Over a long period of twenty years, the technology has changed significantly, and Acer has been critical in assisting the College in ensuring that we have the right technology at the right time."

Technology Program

Technology is deeply integrated into learning and teaching at John Paul College from the primary school level to the secondary level.

The school adopts a one-to-one laptop program in which all students are provided with an Acer 2-in-1 notebook that is managed and controlled by the College.

However, managing a robust technology program for so many students is not without its challenges. "Some of the challenges incorporating technology into primary and secondary school includes the standardisation of services and systems as opposed to the individual needs of the students and the teachers," elaborates Hendrik.

"The students and the teachers have different teaching and learning styles. And the College has standards that it needs to adhere to in the delivery of these services. Delivering eighteen-hundred laptops across campus causes quite a bit of work around ensuring that there is consistent support available for the College with a reasonable turnaround."

Acer TravelMate Spin P4

John Paul College currently provides the TravelMate Spin P4 for its secondary students. Device management is thus easier for the IT department as it only needs to support one type of laptop.

360-Degree Flexibility

The TravelMate Spin P4 features 360-degree hinges and touchscreen displays, allowing the laptop to be used in four different modes - laptop, stand, tent or tablet. This versatility in usage caters to the varying learning needs and styles of students.

"Having students interact not just on the keyboards but being able to physically interact with the touchscreen really helps. It enhances their learning," expresses Ed Jones, a primary school teacher at the College.

Moreover, the TravelMate Spin P4 comes equipped with a garageable stylus. The stylus offers increased versatility for students.

"The stylus is really useful to have, especially when you're drawing on your laptop or when you're taking quick notes. I find myself using it quite a bit," shares Lucas Chivers, a Year 11 student at the school.

The dockable aspect of the stylus is also important. "The students are not losing it [the stylus]. They're not leaving it behind. They can tuck it away when they're not using it. So, they love it," notes Rebecca Gallagher, a history teacher at the College.

Military-Certified Durability

The TravelMate Spin P4 are both MIL-STD-810H* (military standard) certified, which means that it can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, vibration, shock, humidity and liquid exposure.

When translated to the school environment, the laptop can withstand most accidental bumps and drops that come with student life. Additionally, these two notebooks feature a spill-resistant keyboard for accidental water spills that can naturally happen during a school day.

Long Battery Life

Both notebooks have a long battery life, ensuring that students can use the device for an entire school day on a single charge with battery to spare.

Rebecca shares that the students "really cannot do without" the battery life. "They [students] are able to come to school without bringing their charger and use the laptops every lesson all day without having to recharge. So that's a wonderful feature for both the students and us [teachers] to be able to get through a school day."


The TravelMate Spin P4 is lightweight and ultraportable. They weigh approximately less than 1.5kg1, making them easy to carry around the classroom, between classes, and between home and school.

The TravelMate Spin P4 is an ideal laptop for high school students. Its larger touchscreen display offers more space to work with, while its backlit keyboard allows students to be more productive.

"A lot of our students are working at home after hours in low light, and so the backlit keyboard is wonderful," comments Rebecca. "That's one thing that they always say they love."


For the past two decades, Acer has provided technology solutions and support to John Paul College. Acer currently helps the College deliver its digital-based curriculum and esports program.

This long-standing relationship with John Paul College reflects Acer's commitment to empowering students and teachers with the latest technology solutions.

"Acer is an excellent partner. I would definitely recommend Acer as a technology partner for schools. At John Paul College, we have the opportunity to say that over a long period of time, they are consistent - the product and the service are definitely consistent and of high quality," comments Hendrik.

1 Specifications vary depending on the model.

* MIL-STD 810H is a testing protocol conducted in controlled settings and does not guarantee future performance in all situations. Do not attempt to simulate these tests, as damage resulting from this will not be covered by Acer's standard warranty.

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