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Does every student succeed in your school?

Schools and districts around the world strive for a common goal: ensuring every child receives the quality education he or she deserves. Solution Tree Australia shares this goal and wants to help you make it a reality.

Professional Learning that Inspires Results

Solution Tree Australia provides educators with ready-to-implement strategies for immediate use in classrooms, schools and districts.

Their acclaimed international experts, including Anthony Muhammad, Cassandra Erkens and Gavin Grift, amongst many others, have decades of experience supporting educators and increasing student achievement. They will work with you to:

✔ Evaluate strengths and identify challenges unique to your situation

✔ Build a step-by-step plan structured to meet your needs

✔ Bring you closer to your goals and objectives

Customised learning opportunities can be created around your topic areas of focus, including, but not limited to:

  • Assessment Digital Learning
  • School Culture Instruction
  • Leadership Mathematics
  • PLC at Work™             RTI at Work™

Here are a few suggestions to get started:

Academic Vocabulary

Ensure your teaching strategies and approaches provide students with the greatest chance to succeed.

Collaborative Teams that Transform Schools

Discover a practical, comprehensive model for implementing high-performing professional learning communities (PLCs)

Framework for Understanding Poverty

Learn how you can address the complexity of serving students and families who are economically vulnerable.

The New Art and Science of Teaching

Explore 330 specific instructional strategies you can use to improve student performance at every year level.

 Professional Learning Communities at Work

Develop your school’s capacity to create a PLC that provides the best education possible for your students.

Experts’ schedules fill quickly. Don’t Delay.

If your desire a life-changing outcome for your students, move beyond planning and start doing. Visit https://www.solution-tree.com.au/about-our-on-site-pd or call +61 3 8558 2456 to learn more and request your in-school support days for 2018 and 2019.


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