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Dealing with laptop breakages at school

A growing number of Aussie schools are making the transition to the concept of bringing your own device (BYOD). While parents may have reservations, there is research to support that BYOD has a positive impact on learning outcomes.

Schools dealing with tight budgets find BYOD a cost-effective way to eliminate device-upgrade and maintenance costs. BYOD in schools is likely to grow as personal devices in the home proliferate. However, in their day-to-day, children will bump, knock and drop their laptops as they take or put them into their bags, sling them into lockers and run around the schoolyard. Sending a child off to school with a laptop worth hundreds of dollars provides reason to worry.

This raises the question: How can schools and parents mitigate the costs of repairs, replacements and downtime? Targus has the answer.

Targus have closely collaborated with schools in Australia and New Zealand to influence the design, the features and the functionality of their education range. That collaboration mixed with the latest industry technology has created bags that are light, strong, and built to last.

Every Targus bag is constructed thoughtfully, providing smart spaces for easy-to-lose items such as styli, and ID pockets in the event that they do misplace their bags.

Targus’ T.A.N.C.™ case in particular, comes with a patented protection system with layers that protect like nothing else in this category. It has even undergone independent drop and compression testing to evidence that it can hold up to 120kg of a fully distributed load (testing undertaken through Access UTS Pty Ltd, wholly owned University of Technology Sydney). Plus, with extras like a clever device ejection system for easy device retrieval means that students can take the device out easily without risking a drop.

But what something does go wrong? Targus has local warranty and customer service support so you don’t have to waste time and effort if you want to talk to us.

Furthermore, social and environmental responsibility are factors not to be ignored. Targus takes pride in the measures and procedures that it enforces to ensure that employees are treated ethically and that their goals towards water reduction and recycling are met. They’re not just about complying with and exceeding industry standards but place value on doing what is right.

With over 30 years’ experience as the market leader when it comes to protecting devices in Australia, you know you’re in good hands. When it comes to BYOD, Targus has schools and parents covered. How can schools and parents mitigate the costs of repairs, replacements and downtime? Talk to Targus about how they can protect your investment.

Visit au.targus.com/educationseries for more information.

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