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What is teacher burnout and how can it affect students?

A study has concluded that teacher burnout affects students in numerous ways, including their achievement levels and motivation. The study, titled ‘Does teacher burnout affect students? A systematic review of its association with academic achievement and student-reported outcomes’, was written ...

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In teachers we trust – opinion

While many Australian schools have spent the last few decades admiring the old school tie, tightening standardisation and rubrics while chasing NAPLAN and ATAR scores, Finnish educators have been told to study best practices, and then try and improve on ...

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Opinion: the pressure-cooker lives of Singapore’s teachers

Twelve-hour days and big classes are realities that Singapore's teachers face daily. Such conditions create stressful work environments which impede their capacity to live up to their global reputation for teaching excellence. They are usually too exhausted to be the classroom innovators they ...

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