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Vertical schools showcase innovation: Column

The increase in population density in urban locations and land scarcity has caused a significant escalation in the rise of vertical school projects, either in planning or under development, in major Australian capital cities. Vertical schools are characterised as multi-level ...

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Technology in education: a forecast for 2018

Digital transformation and the rise of millennials are dominating headlines in the Asia Pacific region (APAC). Rapid advancements in technology are drastically improving the way we do things. As millennials come of age, modern students will be adept with technology, ...

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Trial of high school ‘paradigm shift’ a triumph

Picture an entrepreneur. Maybe a rock star one like Mark Zuckerberg, or a more socially-conscious, local one like the guys from Who Gives a Crap. Then imagine the skills they drew on to scale their businesses, things like ambition, problem-solving, communication ...

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Virtual lab for high schools honoured

A high school science program has been recognised for its innovation. The FARLabs (Freely Accessible Remote Laboratories) program, pioneered by La Trobe University, won the prestigious international S-Lab Virtual Laboratory: Learning award for teaching excellence presented through the UK’s Institute ...

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New tools, new skills

  Innovation is flourishing as our schools explore new strategies for teachers’ personal development, ranging from social media to video to face-to-face discussion. By Antonia Maiolo. Schools, teachers and organisations in Australia are taking up innovative approaches to support professional ...

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