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Skills get a $2b boost to help school leavers

Nearly 350,000 young Australians will be able to learn new skills for free or at little cost under a $2 billion deal designed to train people during the coronavirus recession. The federal government will tip $500 million into JobTrainer for ...

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Should students struggle when learning maths?

Australian mathematics teachers are comfortable with the idea that students are struggling in the classroom, with many believing it builds resilience and helps develop problem-solving skills. In fact, almost a third of teachers feel the process of struggling is central ...

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A-E-I-O-You and Me: A teaching philosophy

Several years ago I was presenting at a T&L workshop on teaching practical concepts to business students by using a media diary. I have been teaching marketing for many years at several universities, and I enjoy teaching practical subjects to ...

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239 scientists say COVID-19 is airborne

Scientists from around the world are pushing for recognition that it is possible COVID-19 can spread through airborne transmission. In an open letter, 239 experts from a range of science and engineering fields, including virology, aerosol physics and medicine, appealed ...

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