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First NSW generative AI classroom assistant

The NSW Department of Education has partnered with Microsoft to develop a generative AI app, custom built for the NSW education system for teachers and students in Year 5 and up after ChatGPT was banned last year. NSWEduChat offers the ...

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Kids General Assembly says ‘listen to us’

An AI amalgamation of 80 faces and voices of children around the globe has delivered a manifesto on behalf of the world’s children to global leaders. ‘Uni’ was unveiled at the Children’s General Assembly in Billund, Denmark, in September to ...

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Developing the future of literacy through AI

Australian schools should learn how to use artificial intelligence in the classroom rather than banning them if they want to keep up with 'modern writing', an education expert has said. In an upcoming study, Deakin University will partner with Victorian ...

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More than robo-markers: AI in the classroom

To some, artificial intelligence (AI) sounds like a futuristic possibility. But it’s already here, and it’s prolific. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are just two examples of advanced AI embedding itself into our lives. Education, too, is not immune to AI’s creep. When it ...

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