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Australian principals optimistic despite the demands

It’s perhaps never been harder to be a school principal, or assistant or deputy principal. In an age of high-stakes tests, crowded curricula, increased resourcing demands and seemingly unending administrative requirements, principals across the country are feeling the pinch. In ...

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Addressing burnout in teachers

As pressure on teachers increases, the shift is visible in their declining health and the prevalence of burnout, experts say. To curb the issue of teacher burnout - and increase the likelihood of graduates staying in their jobs - Springfox ...

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Toolkit improves wellbeing of teachers

A new wellbeing toolkit has become a game changer in improving mental health for teachers in Australia's schools, a report has found. The Staff Wellbeing Toolkit, produced by the National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI), has been completed by ...

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Bullying drives teacher to attempt suicide

A former teacher has been awarded a substantial sum after NSW courts ruled she had suffered "soul-destroying" workplace bullying that led to attempted suicide. Helen Frances – whose real name has been withheld – now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and ...

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