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Open-ended apps best for tablets, teacher says

If tablet technology is going to be used in the classroom, open-ended apps should be employed, to prevent tablets from becoming “21st century shut-up sheets”, one teacher has advised. Grant Jones, a technology teacher at St Marys Public School in Sydney’s ...

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Don’t grade Genius Hour, teacher says

Genius Hour is becoming a trend in schools in Australia and globally. And one teacher has warned teachers shouldn’t tell the students they will assess it, and shouldn't mark it via a rubric. Otherwise, they'll just get slide show presentations. And if ...

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Herald Sun to launch news website for children

News Corp’s Herald Sun newspaper will launch its Kids News website next year, with the goal of delivering age-appropriate information to school children – helping teachers discuss current affairs in the classroom. The website will be edited by Karina Grift, the Herald Sun’s education editor. ...

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Don Bradman may now help students learn maths

How did Donald Bradman achieve a cricket batting average of 99.94? That’s a question school students may be answering with Bradman by the Numbers, a new addition to Cricket Australia’s free teaching resource, Cricket Smart. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum ...

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Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Australian youth unemployment is almost the highest it’s been in 10 years. For Generation Alpha, who are now about 5 at the oldest, it's looking more and more like the challenge they'll face as adult workers will be to innovate or fail. ...

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High school students Plan for the Planet

Who is more qualified to tackle climate change, politicians or high school students? The answer may depend on the elected official in question. But the Australian National University's Ian Chambers, a senior researcher at the Crawford School of Public Policy, ...

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