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About that suicide-school grades link

It's the fatal phenomenon with silent symptoms. Now, there's a clue that might help detect suicidal tendencies. A large, longitudinal Swedish study found that those who performed poorly at school were five times more likely to kill themselves later in life, and ...

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The effect of the same-sex marriage debate on kids

The same-sex marriage row has undoubtedly offended people on both sides. But, as the cliche goes, who's thinking of the children? Professor Frank Oberklaid is. The Co-Group Leader of Child Health Policy, Equity and Translation at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute ...

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How to build a hardy teacher

Caroline Mansfield is teaching teachers resilience on a global scale. The Murdoch University associate professor's program, the sunnily named Building Resilience in Teacher Education (BRITE), has 5,000 users and counting. Resilience - the capacity to quickly bounce back after setbacks - ...

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Internet addiction in the wired generation

According to recent figures, about twice annually, a gamer dies. In January 2015, A 32-year-old man was found dead in an internet cafe in Taiwan. In September that same year, a Russian teenager died after playing Defence of the Ancients ...

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Master blend

An approach that interweaves the best of online, collaborative and face-to-face methods can greatly improve professional learning in mental health support. By Lynley Clark. There is growing evidence that good mental health in childhood is vital for learning and life. ...

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