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School Management

On borrowed time

With recent policy shifts towards social inclusion, school suspension and other exclusionary practices are outdated and seen as potentially harmful. Despite this, they are still common. In 2007, 12 per cent of Year 10 Victorian students aged 15 to 16 ...

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Avoiding the crisis

Areas of public policy tend to have their periods of dynamism and stability. Institutional obsolescence, internal and external shock, and political factors can all lead to policy turbulence and change. The change can ameliorate these pressures and allow relative stability ...

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Look out for the tip of the iceberg

Education stakeholder groups periodically call for more special education funding by citing large increases in the number of “integrated” students against much slower rises in support allocations. The research with Dr Naomi Sweller, reported in last month’s issue of Education ...

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Redefining roles

Financial management. Human resources. Operations. Logistics. Stakeholder relations. Counselling. Planning. Communications. Marketing. Administration. Meetings. Reporting. Teaching. Mentoring. Leading. When it comes to being a school principal, the list of duties above represents the tip of the iceberg. The top job ...

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Womens leadership liberation?

It may be time to burn the bras again. No matter what set of figures you look at, women are massively underrepresented among educational leaders. Take NSW. In 2005, women accounted for only 44 per cent of primary principals and ...

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When teacher becomes student

Teachers are, by virtue of their chosen profession, interested in and excited by learning. It comes as no surprise then that many teachers elect to undertake postgraduate study at some stage during their careers. According to the Department of Education, ...

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