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Fewer female students studying economics

Science isn’t the only field with a leaky gender pipeline: economics suffers similar issues. An analysis of data from the NSW Education Standards Authority by Danielle Wood, an economist, Grattan Institute fellow and chair of the newly established Women in ...

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Zero tolerance doesn’t work for bad behaviour

A South Australian education expert has picked apart federal education minister Simon Birmingham’s call for “zero tolerance” in classroom bad behaviour, branding it as an argument based on ideology not evidence. Last week, Birmingham leapt on Programme for International Student ...

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Mindfulness may trigger past trauma in students

Classroom mindfulness can cause anxiety and stress in students who’ve experienced trauma, an expert has warned. Flinders University education academic Dr Leigh Burrows has advised that teachers who want to use the practice should learn their student’s backgrounds and not ...

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Kids read less when given e-readers

New research shows that today’s supposedly tech-addicted children can still be bookworms. This, however, is more likely if they’re given a hard copy. The influence of access to eReaders, computers and mobile phones on children’s book reading frequency, published in ...

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