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Why PISA is moving towards creativity

Along with a relatively small number of countries such as New Zealand, Singapore and Finland and Scotland, Australia is unusual in that, as well as a focus on knowledge and skills, its national curriculum explicitly requires schools to teach certain ...

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Data literacy: embracing the digital age

Like reading and writing, data literacy must be developed early in a child’s education. In today’s digital economy, making sense of data is paramount to organisations far and wide. As such, data and analytics skills are in demand across all ...

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Teaching children with autism: opinion

"I hear so many times from parents and teachers whose time is taken up with children in the classroom – whether they have a disability or whether they are autistic – that it is taking up the teacher’s time. These ...

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Q&A ‘school special’ unusually frank

Last Monday night, a duo of opposing politicians - minister for the environment and energy Josh Frydenberg, and shadow health minister Catherine King - fronted ABC's Q&A panel. This may sound like the usual Monday evening lineup, but this time, it ...

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Gonski 2.0 reactions range from welcoming to irate

After its relatively whirlwind journey, the Gonski 2.0 school funding package has passed into law, thanks to the support of several crossbenchers. The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA), for one, is satisfied. ISCA executive director Colette Colman told Education Review the ...

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STEM practice makes perfect

STEM is one discussion that won’t disappear from the nation’s agenda for a while and there’s good reason for it. It’s generally understood that our students are leaving school without strong enough foundations in science and mathematics, or STEM skills ...

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