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Melbourne students to skate through curriculum

Students can now skate their way through the Victorian K-10 Curriculum. O’Brien Group Arena ice rink offers sessions, coaching and programs, that include AusVels’ Health Sciences and Physical Education components. The ice rink consulted a former teacher for 18 months. Paul Keisler, O’Brien ...

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Internet bullies anti-cyberbullying tool

If social media is in any position to judge, Headspace’s online anti-cyberbullying tool, named reword, complete with strikethrough, is Orwellian. But Chris Tanti, Headspace chief executive, says this isn’t so and school kids who use the tool don’t feel this way. Similar ...

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Opinion: Should we really give a Gonski?

There’s no doubt that school funding will be a significant election issue and that what the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Education Union describe as the 'Gonski funding model' will be centre stage. Notwithstanding the AEU’s ‘I give a ...

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Children’s reading skills improve as academics train teachers

Professional learning delivered by academics to teachers in Queensland’s Bowen Basin has improved reading ability in the local schoolchildren. The project involved University of Queensland education experts instructing teachers in local communities. The academics showed the teachers techniques for reading education, and observed ...

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Greens pledge $4.6 billion in Gonski funding

The Australian Greens are taking the policy of $4.6 billion in Gonski funding for students with disabilities – to be rolled out over the next four years – to the next election. Styling themselves as the only party to fund the needs of ...

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The best inclusive schools are subtle: architect

Inclusiveness should be integrated subtly into a school's design, an architect has argued. Wayne Stephens, a partner at Melbourne architects ClarkeHopkinsClarke, said the best inclusive environments are those designed to be so “without it being very evident”. There is also no one-size-fits-all approach ...

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