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Don Bradman may now help students learn maths

How did Donald Bradman achieve a cricket batting average of 99.94? That’s a question school students may be answering with Bradman by the Numbers, a new addition to Cricket Australia’s free teaching resource, Cricket Smart. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum ...

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Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Australian youth unemployment is almost the highest it’s been in 10 years. For Generation Alpha, who are now about 5 at the oldest, it's looking more and more like the challenge they'll face as adult workers will be to innovate or fail. ...

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Australia’s teachers can learn from Nauru

While teaching the teachers of Nauru, associate professor Pep Serow has learnt one thing – Australian teachers could do far more with the resources they have. Serow, along with professor Neil Taylor, leads the University of New England’s Nauru Teacher Education Project, which ...

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From aspiring hairdresser to student engineer

After high school, Nisha Pradhan wanted to be a hairdresser. Her male high school careers adviser thought that “was a great idea”. But when Pradhan, now a University of New South Wales fourth-year electrical engineering and commerce student, told her ...

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