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The dangers of ‘high-rise’ parenting

J.G. Ballard's 1975 novel High-Rise painted a nightmarish vision of the future. A microcosm of class warfare, residents of a tower turn on each other. As the social order decays, violence ensues. While real life high rises are more serene, they encapsulate hidden ...

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States called on to back mandatory sport in schools

The Federal Government is pushing to make sport mandatory across Australian schools. Federal Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie told Sky News that just like numeracy, reading and writing, physical literacy is an important part of holistic education. “We know that [Australian ...

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Why it doesn’t smell like teen spirit

Legendary 90s band Nirvana were known for their members' excesses. Indeed, lead singer Kurt Cobain took his own life aged 27, after myriad drug and alcohol struggles. Growing out of the punk and grunge movement was an anti-substance abuse subculture: straight ...

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