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Gaming fears ‘a whole lot of nothing, basically’

There is little evidence to suggest that gaming addiction is a clinically unhealthy habit for young people, a study claims, calling existing fears “exaggerated”. Researchers from Oxford and Cardiff Universities believe obsessive gamers are likely to have wider psychosocial functioning ...

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New push to stop children ‘chroming’

Queensland health officials are expected to meet with consumer goods giant Unilever and retailers in an attempt to put an end to children and teens who inhale dangerous household chemicals to get high. Almost a hundred Queensland children, many of ...

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Ban for teacher caught drunk, asleep in class

A female teacher who fell asleep in a drunken stupor in a Year 2 classroom and failed to notice a student being punched has been suspended from teaching in Queensland. In 2016, the teacher took Valium before a Year 2 ...

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Extra cash for Melbourne teachers to move school

Teachers prepared to move to difficult Melbourne schools will be wooed with a $50,000 bonus and another $9000 a year if they stay on for three years. It’s a scheme mirroring one announced by the Victorian government earlier this year ...

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This week’s big issue: Climate Strike 4 Action

Commencing at the Domain in Sydney’s CBD, the school-day Climate Strike 4 Action protest attracted an estimated 80,000, while Melbourne drew an even larger crowd of 100,000. Indeed, protesters from over 100 cities and towns across Australia took part in ...

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