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Youth suffer more in weak jobs market

Young Australians have been struggling to find employment in their desired occupation since the 2008-09 global financial crisis and any improvement is unlikely for some time yet given the economic impact of the coronavirus. This could have a long-term effect ...

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Marking scandal fight continues in Vic

A Melbourne high school teacher who tampered with students' grades should not have been reinstated, according to Victoria's education department. Maths teacher Saji Paul was sacked over the tampering scandal in 2017 where he altered the grades of 16 students ...

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Skills get a $2b boost to help school leavers

Nearly 350,000 young Australians will be able to learn new skills for free or at little cost under a $2 billion deal designed to train people during the coronavirus recession. The federal government will tip $500 million into JobTrainer for ...

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