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Idea of orchid and dandelion children regerminates

In Swedish, orkidebarn means ‘orchid child’. It refers to those who are more sensitive. Maskrosbarn, ‘dandelion child’, on the other hand, means the opposite. Like their namesake bloom, these children are hardy. Dr Thomas Boyce, an emeritus professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at ...

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We’ll fund healthy food program for schools: Labor

School children would again be taught about how to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs and use them to make healthy meals through a federal government-funded program if Labor wins the next election. The opposition has pledged to restore funding for ...

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Principals’ academy on the cards under Labor

A national academy to provide specialist leadership training for school principals will be set up if Labor wins the next federal election. A recent review found high performing school leaders add between two and seven months’ worth of growth in ...

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