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Momentous discussions on funding ahead

GONSKI – ANALYSIS Implementation Having promised that no school would be worse off under the Gonski review’s proposed funding model, the federal government neutralised the greatest political risk: the spectre of an elite school hit list.  That now leaves it ...

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Big changes predicted for some

It took less than three hours after the release of the Gonski report for the first negative headlines to appear, screaming that the report called for means testing for private schools. The trigger was the ambiguous wording of Recommendation 2: ...

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Less permanency at autonomous schools

Independent Public Schools (IPS) in Western Australia have cut the number of education assistants and increased overall staff on fixed term contracts, staffing data has revealed. In September 2011, 47 per cent of teachers in the IPS system were employed ...

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Giving students a sporting chance

A national program which has proven to be effective in boosting educational outcomes for indigenous youth through extra-curricular activities faces an uncertain future, with government refusing to confirm its ongoing funding. An independent evaluation by the Australian Council for Educational ...

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Positive education trial shows promising results

A Harvard University-backed trial at two NSW public schools is investigating whether elements of coaching and positive psychology can be combined to provide social and emotional support to students. While the results are still being analysed, the researchers behind the ...

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The revolution rolls on

It’s clear that the Australian school education landscape is in for further profound change in 2012. Enhanced autonomy for 1000 principals under a national trial; the release of the Gonski panel’s review into school funding and the government’s subsequent response; ...

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