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No political endgame in sight for ethics pilot

Despite the release of an independent review endorsing the ethics trial, the major political parties remain tight-lipped on the future of ethics classes in NSW public schools. A spokesperson for education minister Verity Firth said a decision would be made ...

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New efforts to boost uni participation

The push for enhanced pathways between school and university has intensified with the NSW Board of Studies announcing a new partnership with three universities, while the ACT implements new individualised student plans. Under NSW’s HSC University Pathways program, students who ...

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Playing it safe

The community’s obsession with protecting children from perceived hazards and danger could be hampering the development of their competence and skill. Without sufficient exposure to the world around them, children may not learn how to interact, explore or protect themselves ...

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The first steps

A new position statement on best-practice for children starting school aims to marry research from around the world with emerging innovative practice. The statement was developed at a recent conference hosted by Charles Sturt University and attended by 14 leading ...

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CIS report puts spotlight on religious schools

Criticisms and concerns have plagued the release of a new report suggesting religious schools produce students with more liberal and tolerant social attitudes and higher rates of civic participation. ‘The Rise of Religious Schools in Australia’, a new paper by ...

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Flat salary scale a hindrance for Australia: OECD

Over the last decade Australia has witnessed one of the largest increases in starting salaries for graduate teachers compared with its international colleagues. However, Australia’s flat salary scale could compromise its ability to retain its teaching workforce in the long ...

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