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USYD professor says he’s debunked Safe Schools Coalition

A University of Sydney child protection and family law expert claimed he’s debunked “academically irresponsible” assertions about sexual identity and LGBTI students made by the Safe Schools Coalition. Professor Patrick Parkinson has published a non-peer reviewed paper criticising the Safe Schools Coalition, on the ...

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OECD can’t decide if class sizes matter

It seems the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development can’t decide whether or not class sizes matter in schooling. In its Education At A Glance 2016 report, the OECD stated “at the level of students within a classroom, the relationship ...

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Opinion: Formal schooling can wait

Over recent decades, in many countries across the world, there has been increasing concern about the disparity in life expectations between children born into relative affluence and those born into more disadvantaged circumstances. This is true between nations, of course, ...

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Only one-third of parents save for children’s education

A survey has found that while most parents intend to save money for their children’s education, only one-third follow through – and most believe the federal government should help. The Australian Scholarships Groups (ASG) surveyed 1000 parents. ASG found that even though 93 per cent ...

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