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Moving on from ‘stand and deliver’ teaching

“Look, why don’t you ask your teacher?” It was the exasperated lament of generations of parents frustrated by the endless and incessant questioning of their own children as they navigated homework, or even as they just wondered something banal out ...

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Schools drop writing focus too early: researchers

Schools are dropping the focus on writing too soon, say academics. Writing for The Conversation, Australian Catholic University Professor of Educational Assessment and Literacy Claire Wyatt-Smith and senior research officer Christine Jennifer Jackson surveyed more than 4,000 primary and secondary school ...

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Murdered French teacher a quiet hero: Macron

President Emmanuel Macron has paid tribute to a French history teacher beheaded by an Islamist radical as a "quiet hero" dedicated to instilling the democratic values of the French Republic in his pupils. Samuel Paty's teenage attacker had wanted to ...

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Class of 2020 starting COVID-safe HSC

About 70,000 students from the NSW HSC class of 2020 are starting their written exams, with COVID-safe protocols in place. Safeguards including temperature tests and spaced seating have been introduced to protect students who sit their first English test on ...

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Study maps hottest parts of the school

Australian researchers have mapped the hottest and coolest parts of outdoor school zones and found some reached up to 70 degrees Celsius. During summer last year, researchers collected more than 100,000 heat data points within a public school in western ...

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