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Exams aren’t everything: Think Education

As school kids across the nation knuckle down in preparation for October’s Year 12 exams, the executive dean of private tertiary educator Think Education is encouraging parents to get their child to consider what they want to do with their ...

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Cochlear 3D printing gets kids all ears for science

A partnership program has school kids doing real science with real scientists. Growing Tall Poppies aims to boost numbers of high school students studying science by connecting them with mentor scientists, who guide the students in hands-on experiments. For example, this ...

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Firing up a dilemma

Zero-tolerance policies on drugs are common; is there ever a time to cut a student some slack? Although schools generally have extensive policies and procedures to guide students and teachers who face ethical dilemmas, there are times when we might ...

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Joint and several pitfalls

Legal dangers abound when interacting with the parents of students – and every situation is different. There are many complex issues surrounding interaction with parents that have the potential to trip up schools if not handled properly from a legal ...

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