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NSW teachers union calls for more coronavirus support

Misinformation and a lack of support is putting NSW educators at risk amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the NSW Teachers Federation says.

The federal government has banned public gatherings of more than 500 people but is currently advising schools to remain open.

Federation president Angelo Gavrielatos said the NSW government needs to provide clearer messaging for schools and institutions as many struggle with a lack of resources and poor cleaning practices.

He also said the implementation of social distancing measures is difficult for many NSW schools due to overcrowding.

"So far the advice on coronavirus has been conflicting, contradictory and impossible," Gavrielatos told reporters today.

"It is unacceptable that our schools, teachers and principals are left carrying the can with respect to what should be a government responsibility."

Gavrielatos said about 30 per cent of state schools had more than 500 students, with the largest public school having more than 2000 students.

He said government funding will be essential to provide better technology to students at home if schools are closed.

"There are serious issues of access and equity when it comes to the use of such technologies and the provision of education," he said.

Parents should exercise their own discretion when deciding whether to send their children to school, Gavrielatos added.

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  1. I feel it a little inappropriate to have an advertisement for teaching in China on the right hand side the article titled NSW teachers union calls for more coronavirus support. What message is this sending?

  2. At the moment it seems sensible to me as an EALD Educator to keep Primary aged children at school. They do not present with illness to this hideous for us it seems but can transfer it.
    We need to protect our elderly e.g.. Grandparents who may be required to care for them.
    I am teach Aboriginal Education and EALD in Newcastle Catholic schools. So far no children have presented.

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