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Video gives valuable feedback

Giving students feedback on assignments via video could be more helpful than the common practice of writing comments in red pen, new research shows.

In an extended interview, education editor Antonia Maiolo spoke to Monash University information communication technologies expert Dr Michael Henderson about the research.

“Almost everyone agrees student feedback is inseparable from the learning process – and some even say high quality feedback is the most powerful single influence on student achievement – yet the same literature points out that many students do not value the feedback comments but simply skip to the grade,” Henderson said.

Henderson and fellow researcher, Dr Michael Phillips, conducted the study by using short five-minute videos with 126 of their own undergraduate and postgraduate students in three separate trials.

The research found that students not only found the webcam-created videos easier to understand, but they also felt a closer connection with their teachers – from 25 per cent in the first trial to 91.7 per cent in the third.

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